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How To Enroll

Need more information? We got you covered! With Medicare Nerds, you'll be provided with all the information needed to choose the Medicare coverage that best suits you.

Finding Coverage Plans

Knowing what plan is the right one for you can be the hardest part. Our solution is geared towards making it easier for you to understand your options so that you feel good about making a decision for the long-term.

Suitable Coverage

Now that I’m signed up for Medicare, am I fully covered? Signing up for Medicare alone is only the 1 st step. Without signing up for a Medicare Health Insurance plan, you may run the risk of only being partially covered. Signing up for a suitable Medicare supplement limits the unpleasant surprises from healthcare costs. You could get sick and face medical bills that devastate years of planning and preparation.

Personalized Support

Our mission with the start of my company Medicare Nerds LLC is to make sure you’re in the right plan that fits your needs and any issues you have with billing or benefits you don't understand you can go directly to us and have the satisfaction everything will be taken care of. We know this is one of biggest decisions that you have to make in retirement and take it very seriously.