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Our mission is to help people in need of guidance navigating the many complex nuances of Medicare.

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Medicare Nerds was started by our founder Ben Sullivan who started in the Medicare business nearly a decade ago in order to help his mother, who was dealing with a serious liver disease. In a story known well to many families, medical bills accrued to treat the disease started to become a big worry. Back when he knew very little about Medicare, through independent research, Ben was able to discover that because of her condition and the medication she was taking, she qualified for “catastrophic coverage” for her medications and needed a Medicare supplement to help ease the cost of visits to the world- renowned Mayo Clinic. Only a small percentage of people in the United States qualify for this type of catastrophic coverage that helped his family, and the information on it is scarce. Because he was able to uncover this help she qualified for, he was able to save his family from the burden of large medical bills.

After going through this experience, he realized Medicare was his calling and saw there were millions of people who were in similar situations that he could help. With this goal in mind he started Medicare Nerds LLC with the mission to inform people about every option available in every state and zip code across the country, to save them from the suffocating burden of expensive medical bills. One of the many things people struggle with is not knowing how to deal with billing issues or not completely understanding their benefit structure. Medicare Nerds is here to help, let us know whatever issue you’re having and we will provide you the knowledge to help solve it. We will treat you like a family member at each appointment, and go above and beyond to make sure you are getting the best plan that fits your needs. Welcome to the Medicare Nerd Family!

Ben Sullivan Medicare Nerds Founder & CEO
Ben Sullivan
Founder & CEO

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